Apologize to Mr. Davidson

“I think it’s time Admiral, recall the troops, and bring me the Big Red Button (BRB)” “But sir, we haven’t explored every path, we have resources still, espionage, sleeper cells, gift baskets-“ “It’s time Admiral Blitzcock (gesundheit). I’m sorry.” “Don’t apologize to me, sir. Apologize…


I am going to rot into this lawn chair. The sun is hitting me, blinding me. I have a feeling these sunglasses are fake, my eyes hurt. Am I hungover? Yes. Yes I am. Low rumble. In my head or chest? I want toast. When…


Then I Realized (Poem)

I would dance twirling like an idiot, fun in the basest sense arms in knots, legs, hips, all out of sync. Only for love of movement, felt it had no appeal. Until he made it very clear, my dance was for his pleasure as well….

The Idolization of Anti-Heroes (Brainpicking Article)

(Spoilers Ahead) “Could somebody tell me where I can find Anna Gunn so I can kill her?” Anna Gunn gained national acclaim for her portrayal of Skyler White, wife to the mistakenly beloved Walter White. Her character held the unenviable position of opposing him, defending…


A Investigation into the Strange Ikea Disappearances

They were children separated from mothers in the BRAVEN toilet plunger aisle. They were couples mid fight, storming off, then becoming lost in the twisting landscape of pseudo-Swedish-home decor. They were the confused husbands with lists of odd symbols getting PAX wardrobes muddled with HEX…

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Common Spectacle

I’m in very recognizable halls. Vinyl floor tiles with the only consistent thing about them being the constant mistakes in their installation. Water damage on the ceiling; large brown rings that have grown after countless years. There are lockers down every side of the walls,…



I am swaddled in cardboard and glitter, lying in wait behind the curtains. My costume is a brilliant abomination; it adds a foot in every direction of my body. My bulk topped off with a foot tall wig, stuffed with cotton and adorned with a…

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My mother’s jacket is at my back. Faded denim stitched onto pilled felt, a gift I stole with permission. She bought it in a set of three a pair of two. I see her love in every button, but she’s just grateful it’s getting use….

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Assignment: This piece was taken from AP, and I just wanted to share it with this class. The prompt was: What do these texts suggest to you about idealism and truth? Creative Piece from photo depicting a young couple in their side mirror. The photo…

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Camino Muerto

A sharp pain rings out from behind your right ear. Directions tilt. Your body stiffens; your pupils dilate. The pavement is speeding towards your eyes. Brace for impact. You are standing outside a bar. Your head feels clear. Free of memories and haze. Lonely, yet…